About the studio

stability balls1Studio Namaste was opened in September 2008. It is orientated towards Body & Mind exercises, especially with the focus on  lessons of yoga, pilates, chi-toning, dynamic core training and BOSU and stability ball classes. In the schedule, there can be found both regular group lessons, and also private or semi-private classes for 1 to 2 clients or small closed group.

From May 2013 we also offer private and semi-private lessons on original Stott Pilates machines, Reformers

The studio differs from large fitness centers by the orientation towards individual client’s needs with a focus on detail, intimate atmosphere in a comfortable environment and every effort being made for maximum wellness and relaxation. We shall be also taking the benefit of years of experience with healthy lifestyle. 



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"I loved both classes,  I had never done Yoga before, so I was a real beginner. But your classes are very structured and never boring.
If people are going to ask me what I  will miss most about Prague, I will say the beautiful buildings and Yana's Studio.

Dynamic Core on Wednesday was also great,  nice atmosphere, and  a lot of 'tools' to help us make our muscles stronger. 
Not only hard work, but also time for a joke and have some fun.
I was also impressed with your professionalism in how you run the studio.  Keep up the great work.
I would recommend your classes without any hesitation.

If you ever decide to open a studio in Washington I would be the first to join!"

Anke S., Washington