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02 December 2013


"I went to Jana’s studio 3 times a week to keep up a healthy life style and also for meeting other people. 

I loved the 90 min yoga class with Jana S. - a great balance of working out and relaxing. I always felt totally re-energized and so happy afterwards.

Another great workout is the 'Chi Toning' class with wonderful teacher Jana K. In this class she makes you sweat by using different elements from yoga. Jana is very motivating and makes the lesson a lot of fun. You will feel your muscles the next day! ;-)

The third class I took was called ‘Core Training’ where we worked on building up muscles by using different tools, e.g. Bosu, straps, circles, balls … Jana S. was always very creative and I also enjoyed this class. 

The studio is nice and cosy and very clean. It is well equipped with all kinds of tools that support your workout. 
The atmosphere is very warm and caring.

Keep up the great work, Jana! 

I will miss working out at the Studio Namaste! The classes really made my day! :-)"

Doris L., Austria

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